How does normative economics point to Jesus?

Normative economics, in contrast to positive economics, is about what “ought” rather than what “is”. For example, saying that “we should do everything we can to close the gender pay gap” is different from just saying that  “the gender pay gap is 8 percent”. This raises an important question: are normative (moral) statements just opinions or are they objectively true? Starting from this question, the talk will try to argue three points. First, it is reasonable that at least some morality is objective. Second, a secular worldview cannot explain objective morality in a satisfactory way, whereas the Christian worldview can. Thirst, while other religions can also explain objective morality, Jesus Christ makes the most sense of reality and our experience.


Feb 07 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Oculus 0.05

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