CPS Study: 7 Theological Categories for Relating the Gospel and Academic Work

We will study seven biblical categories which, when put together, provide a strong foundation to clarify and motivate us in our mission together. Read this for an introduction.

  • The Eternal Son in the Trinity: Love, Knowledge and the Christian Scholar
  • The Creator-Creation Relationship: Why Good Scholarship is ‘from God’ and ‘to God’
  • Biblical Drama: Creation, Fall, Redemption: Working hopefully, within the unity of the Bible’s story
  • Two Adams: Christ the Centre of Redemption: Relating Christ’s work and our work
  • The Integrity of Salvation History – Working in fulfilment of God’s promises
  • The Church Age and the Church’s Work. From Christ to the world, and back to Christ again
  • Our Local Opportunity to Serve God at Work. A twofold calling in the workplace


Feb 15 2022 - Mar 15 2022


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Zeeman Building

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